Our Legacy

O'Shaughnessey Designer, Sara Griot, puts a modern twist on the traditions of equestrian lifestyle.

"I've always loved horses. When I’m at the barn with my horse I’m the most relaxed, it’s like therapy for me; the smell of the leather, the tack, the saddles, it’s this common thread with riders. We love our horses – and that’s what keeps us coming back.”


The crest consists of two horses, partially encircled by a garland with a crown above. The garlands are representative of the wreaths given to tournament competitors, and the crown is of the style a queen would wear. The accompanying wordmark is done in Scotch Roman, a font designed in 1839 and popular during the 19th century in America and England. The O’Shaughnessey crest is the older parentage of the modern O’Shaughnessey logo and company.