Seeing Red

Red is everywhere on Valentine's Day ! A day that celebrates love; whether it's romantic love, family love, or simply friendship. Red symbolizes love, anger, passion and courage. For me red is warmth, it makes me happy, and it radiates energy. 
Red is one of my favorite colors, especially in the fall and winter months. In fashion and in the home, it makes a statement. When I look in my closet and around my home, I see how it's incorporated everywhere. Red paint, maples in the fall, red apples, lipstick, my O'Connor coat. Where do you see red?
                                               { Via Hello Fashion Blog }
                                               {Via Sweet and Savory by Shinee}
                                               {Via Bloglovin}
                                                 {Via Ellison Lane}
                                                        {Via Frou Frou Fashionista}
                                               {Via KPM Records}
                                                    {Via NY Magazine}
                                       {Via Tumblr}
                                          {Via The First Mess}
                                        {Via A Cultivated Nest}
                                              {Via Huffington Post}
                             {Via Poshmark}
                                      {Via Bloglovin'}
                                          {Via Pop Sugar}
                                                          {Via We Heart It}
                                                   {Via Bloglovin'}             
{Via Holidays Lake Como Italy}

 And of course the O'Connor coat, my favorite!

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