Sara Griot & Conor

Sara Griot and her horse Conor

There is a special relationship between rider and horse. When I purchased Conor as an equitation horse for my daughter, I knew he would be one of the most special in my life. A Mahogany Bay Hanoverian Gelding with white socks, Conor is a fancy horse with a lot of attitude. He is happiest at horse shows and on trail rides, especially when he's in the front. Conor has smooth gaits, is fun to jump, and is good at his job. Though, he is known to be a little lazy.

I have many fond memories of Conor, mostly of him in the show ring with my daughter. He's very proud and charming. Conor wants to look good and even moreso, he wants his rider to look good too. Conor is a true showman and absolutely beautiful to watch.


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