Equestrian Style - Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks Equestrian Style

Last Summer Amanda Brooks decided to take a year away from the fashion world and move to a farm in rural England. As the former fashion director of Barney's New York and over a year into her time on the farm, she catches us up on her blog I Love Your Style

For starters, I love it here. For more reasons than I can explain. But the main ones are the following: I have never been more clear about who I am and what is important to me. There is enough peace and quiet here to listen to myself - my mind and my body. I know when it's time to work hard and when it's time to rest. The tension is gone from my shoulders and the adrenaline that lived inside my belly for twenty years in New York has settled down. I know it because whenever I go back to New York, the adrenaline returns and I notice it now because I'm less used to it. My husband is as happy as I am, for similar reasons. And my kids are thriving. Thriving.

She's always been an icon and her equestrian style has come to forefront during her time in England. From luxe fur jackets to lumberjack flannels, her equestrian style is worth bookmarking.


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