OS Equestrian Jackets | Fall Preview

Can you feel fall coming? Even on a sunny day here in Seattle, the early hours are a little chillier than the week before. In anticipation of colder weather, here is a sneak peek at new O’Shaughnessey equestrian jackets, available soon for fall.

Equestrian Jackets O'Shaughnessey O'Connor Spectator Coat

The O’Connor Spectator Coat, inspired by 18th century French riding coats, that looks good in every situation, from attending a show to a working lunch.

 Equestrian Jackets O'Shaughnessey Bronte Hacking Jacket

Inspired by traditional British riding jackets, our new Bronte Hacking Jacket is designed to give you a long, lean silhouette.

Both jackets will be available online soon.

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