A new O'Shaughnessey!

I’m so excited to announce a new look and this new website for O’Shaughnessey Apparel!

We spent the summer rebranding to be truer to my vision for O’Shaughnessey - to create a luxury line of apparel for riders and spectators, inspired by the rich tradition of riding, and this common thread shared between riders - we love our horses and that’s what keeps us coming back.  I know when I’m at the barn with my horse I’m the most relaxed, it’s like therapy for me, the smell of the leather, the tack, the saddles. 

A big thank you to Juliet Sander of Sander Brand CultureCharlie Schuck for the photography and Andrew Means of Reunion Design for collaborating on this undertaking, I’m so pleased with the results.  Please, take a look around the site, signup for our newsletter (even if you have before, we’re starting fresh!) and let me know what you think.

Here in the studio, I am busy designing the next collection we'll be showing at AETA at the end of January - adding more show apparel, and several pieces I'm so excited about for the spectator!  Stay tuned...

xx Sara

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