Tally Ho!

The Woodbrook Hunt Club will celebrate it’s 90th Birthday in 2016.
The club is located in Lakewood, Washington.The Hunt Club’s season is in full swing. Led by Huntsman Jennifer Hansen, horses and houndswalk, trot, canter and gallop over hill and dale, through the woods and across the fields… Beginning in the Fall and commencing in the Spring. Exhilarating and SO much fun!


I’ve selected some photos that represent some of the beautiful countryside we experience while we’re hunting. There’s so much that can’t be captured with a camera, so you’ll have to come out and see for yourself!                                                                    
We love the contrast of the red coat with the grasses and Blue’s brown and white markings.  
Beautiful visual with the snow in the trees and on the ground.
Puppy Love
We extend a big thank you to J. Andrew Towell at troutstreaming.com for capturing these images at The Woodbrook Hunt Club!

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