O’Shaughnessey’s Sponsored Coach, Saacha, Shines with Success!

Hello! My name is Saacha DeAmborossio and I am a competitive vaulting coach. I have been given the incredible opportunity to wear O'Shaughnessy through this year's show season.  

My favorite coat is the Kileyann Show Coat; Talk about the most comfortable show coat ever! It's lightweight, easy to keep clean and super flattering.

Probably the most versatile coat I have ever worn, and it makes you feel modern and stylish!




More recently I wore the Kileyann Coat for Vet Check at the American Vaulting Nationals in Loveland, Colorado. For the second year in a row my horse, Charles, and I won the Osierlea Award!!!




The Osierlea is awarded to the best turned-out horse and lunger at nationals. We were the second lunger and horse in the history of the AVA to have the honor of winning this award twice!





I would like to credit my success this year to the beautiful Kileyann Show Coat. Thanks again to O'Shaughnessy for your sponsorship; I have looked modern and chic all year! Thank you! 

-Saacha DeAmborossio


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