Derby Day Delights

The 141st Kentucky Derby is merely days away!

Throw a bash in superior Southern-Style this Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.

Bring on derby décor, traditional attire, and hello, WHO could forget the Mint Juleps?! 

So spike the punch, place your best bet, and let the races begin! 

Trophys and flowers make for fun and fitting décor


Freeze your favorite (edible) flowers to add some floral flare to your drinks!
The rose is the official flower of the derby, after all.  
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We love these equestrian themed wine stoppers!



Drink Up! Mint Juleps are a tradition we are more than happy to keep alive!


Below is our favorite recipe to sip on.


 6 to 8 mint leaves

1 tablespoon sugar

Crushed ice

2 1/2 ounces bourbon

Splash Simple Syrup, recipe follows

Sprig mint, for garnish


 Put the mint leaves and the sugar in the bottom of glass. With the handle of a wooden spoon, muddle the leaves to extract flavor. Fill the glass with small crushed ice. Pour in the bourbon. Top with a splash of simple syrup.

With a long-handled spoon, jiggle to mix and chill. Add a sprig of mint for garnish!

Sip away! 



Another traditional treat we love… Pecan Pie!  


So ladies, be sure to grab your biggest and best hats!
Gents, bust out your bow ties!


Eat! Drink! And enjoy the 141st Kentucky Derby!

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  • Anne Burmark

    Oh, the pecan pie makes me very hungry and brings images of the delicious pecan pies both my mom and aunt would make! Thanks, Gaby!

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