The Huntsman & Her Hounds

We had the pleasure of interviewing our friend, Jennifer Hansen, the Huntsman of 98 year old Woodbrook Hunt Club! Here Jennifer gives us a look inside the world of hunting hounds, tradition and her role as Huntsman.
"I am the Honorary Huntsman. I have the pleasure of working for the MFH. My responsibilities include hound care and training, hunting, management of our hunt country, organizing other honorary hunt staff (whips, drag layers, and field masters), and keeping members informed as to when hounds will exercise and hunt."

Training the Hounds:
"The hounds walk out 6 days a week year round, they are exercised from horseback 3 days each week during August and September, and go out 3 times each week (including hunt days) from October  to late April or early May."
"My years of experience training both dogs and horses fuel my desire to train and entire pack of hounds to work together. My goal is to develop and train a pack that understands and loves the sport of drag hunting. "

The hounds and their personalities: 
"We have 61/2 couple (13 hounds) in our kennel, 3 couple drafted from other hunts (Kent, Gearhead, Ketchup, Cece, Kitcat, and Nuno) and 31/2 couple bred at Woodbrook (D’Artanian, Dianne, Godiva, Gigi, Galahad, Gretchen, and Gwenever)."
"Our drafted hounds are quite outgoing and have been a great influence on the rest of the pack. Godiva, Kitcat, and Ketchup are all business in the hunt field. Kent is the youngest of the bunch and still quite a puppy, Gigi and Gearhead will always be puppies at heart!"
Jennifer's Goals for the future of the Woodbrook Hunt Club: 
"For the club and sport to flourish for many future generation. Fox hunting is a wonderful lifestyle and just one of the many ways families can spend time together, in the great outdoors, with the animals they love. "

Upcoming event: The Hunt Ball
"The Hunt Ball is a wonderful social evening, a chance to dress up and dance the night away. It includes a festive silent and live auction, proceeds from the auctions benefit the hunt club and hounds." 
Jennifer wore O'Shaughnessey's Bronte Hacking Jacket. Get Jenn's classic look here

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