The 2014 Hunter Trials

Like the changing colors of leaves and a chill in the air, Fox Hunting season is synonymous with this time of year. The Hunter Trials, held at the 98 year old Woodbrook Hunt Club in the greater Seattle area, is a modern twist on tradition and fun for all ages. 

Cute little-ones on their mounts, both riders and horses dressed up, and even a tornado warning made the 2014 Hunter Trials a day to remember from start to finish! 

Captured below are outtakes we love, and some of our favorite moments from the day. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the hunt season brings!

"Hunting is often described as a sport. But to those of us who have heard the music of the hounds and have loved it, it is far more than that.”
The cool morning mist preparing all for a day of fun and tradition.
Too cute for words! Little ones on their mounts, ready for a day of events.
This spooky pony and her friend were ready to bewitch the costume contest.
And Kiwi who wishes he was included in all the fun...
Tradition was held tight and many memories were made at the 2014 Hunter Trials
Cheers to a great season! 
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