Persistence: Building Dreams

For as long as I can remember I've had this dream. Inspired by others journeys in raising young horses, I worked hard to bring my dream to life. My dream was supported and influenced by not only family and friends, but the horses themselves. It sounds simple but my path with our young horse, Persistence, has been full of surprises, teamwork, and triumphs.

Born an orphan foal five years ago, Persistence’s only chance at life was to find a surrogate mare. After her mother passed during the birth, owners Tim Dooreleyers and Suzanne Johnson of Greystead Sport Horses knew what they had to do. A Clydesdale mare was found and raised Persistence as her own. The mare's name was Angel, a fitting name due to the critical circumstances. Angel raised Persistence to be a strong and brave foal - as she still is today.

Persistence was four when we met. She and another Greystead horse were brought to me to be sold. The two horses had very different personalities. Persistence’s confident personality and ‘know-it-all” attitude made her difficult to train in a short period of time. She truly thought her skills were above par and had no need for me.

The other horse sold quickly. Persistence and I continued to move forward together. Testing her jumping abilities, she began to take interest in her job and our relationship became a partnership. She quickly became the apple of my eye.

A year later, we returned from Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park. She was ready to compete in her first 5 year old Young Horse Class. I was, and still am, so proud of how far we had come and the bond we had created. Persistence placed seventh in her class. Her confidence, scope, and natural ability landed us on the fast track to success. To think, only a year ago Persistence was just learning how to canter.

Our story continues as we compete in the Young Horse Series this season in Ontario. With hurdles to overcome, and new experiences to look forward to, I know Persistence has a bright and beautiful feature.  

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