Mr. Perfect Timing

A great horse only seems to come along a couple times in a rider’s life. Sometimes only once, but when you are lucky enough to have that horse it changes your whole life.
I’m sure everyone has that horse in mind, or in their hearts. You think about that special horse every time you have a goal, are trying to rebuild, or in any other stage of life horse-related or not.
I’ve always been a goal-oriented person with horses. I love horses but I also have a passion for the sport. My life is and evolves around my goals and passion for the sport. A couple of years ago I lost a great horse to circumstance. The loss of that horse, to me, meant the loss of my goals that were already within reach. It also meant that I was starting over. It was a frustrating time and I wanted to quit horses all together!
The highs and lows of this sport seem to be extreme. As riders we have little control of the outcome to much of our success or failures because our success come from our horses. Sometimes you are just waiting for good luck to come back around to give you motivation. After losing the horse that carried all my dreams years ago, I began having a repeated dream about a white-faced horse.
It was the same dream every time the white-faced horse appeared. I was riding this grey with very distinctive features, and they were features in a horse that stood out to me because this “dream horse” was the opposite of what I seek in a horse for myself. I rode this horse from my dreams at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario and won a big class. It gave me hope every time I woke up from that dream.
For 3 years every time I saw a grey horse I studied it wondering if it was the right time for my “dream horse”. I never had a sign telling me it was him. I even asked friends and trainers to keep an eye open for a special grey. No luck.
Two months ago, I guess finally the time was right. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw his picture. A grey horse with a long white face, with the same eyes of the horse in my dreams. The lady who I bought my first horse (Nate) from, had this “dream horse” in her barn -- what are the odds? I immediately committed, I didn’t know a thing about him, I hadn’t even seen a picture of the rest of him, all I knew was his face from seeing it over and over again in my sleep.
A couple weeks pass, plans are finalized, and I ask her what his name is…
His name is “Mr. Perfect Timing”.
All the years of waiting and searching, the timing now all makes sense. Although it is the beginning of our partnership, still I can tell he is a great horse. He has already impacted my life and my motivation in the sport I love, and that is what great horses do. They change you and they take you to places that you only ever hoped for, and only dreamed about.

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  • CIndy Bryson (St Jude School)

    Beautifully written Sarah ❤️

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