My Hometown

I grew up in the idyllic southern California town of Rancho Santa Fe -- any horse lover’s paradise. Miles of trails, great weather and many a kindred (equestrian) spirit. I visit frequently as I have friends and family in the area, and sometimes I just really miss great Mexican food, sandy beaches and the familiar haunts of my hometown.
The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. My favorite place to stay.
Dinner at the Inn with a view of RSF's charming village.
Even the decor at the Inn has an equestrian motif... the saddle chair.
And the stirrup baluster into the bar, love it!
My favorite special occasion restaurant, Mille Fleurs.
My absolute favorite place for breakfast or lunch, everything is's making a decision that's tough!
Coffee cakes on the baker's rack at Thyme in the Ranch
A classic historical Spanish style home.
And just a couple more...
Until next time,

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  • Sandra Rosendahl

    Sara, nice feature on your home town & my present home. What’s not to Love??? Yes, the best place ever for horse crazy girls! I get to ride around the golf course & all over our gorgeous trails almost every day. Too Blessed! Come home soon.
    PS- Love your apparel, so beautiful!

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