Spring is in the Air

Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest, if you look at the abundance of flowering trees in bloom, daffodils and tulips... If only the weather would cooperate. Beautiful sunshine one day, followed by cloudy skies and sideways rain the next. It is one of my favorite times of the year though, when Winter is on its way out, and Spring is busy bringing our dormant landscapes back to life.
I spent some time in the Skagit Valley this weekend, and it was truly a beautiful sight to see field after field of tulips in bloom. Huge expanses of red, yellow, purple and orange. My camera just couldn't do them justice, but I've included them anyway.

It's really worth taking a day to go see the tulips, the beautiful barns and farmland, it's just lovely. You can even take a side trip to the charming town of Edison and stop for breakfast or lunch at "Tweets". The food is incredible... Both to eat and to look at.

And of course there was Easter to celebrate. This year my sister hosted a delicious brunch for our family at her home, and as always, did a beautiful job. Great food and great company!

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  • Beth

    Hi Sara. My first time on your blog. Lovely. When do I get to hear about ‘the Lemonade Brigade’?

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