Holiday Wishlist from Molly Knott

Do you ever wonder what the bloggers, designers and professional riders have on their holiday wishlist? We certainly do, that's why we asked some of our favorite ladies what their were asking for this year. The first person we went to was Molly Knott of Dappled Grey, our favorite equestrian lifestyle blogger and OS collaborator.

From Molly...

After growing up and living in the mild climate of the San Francisco Bay Area, winter is when I am most happy to now be living somewhere with a chance of a white Christmas. For me, a snowy morning with eggnog and horses is my epitome of a happy holiday!

This year, my husband and I are in the process of adopting a child. So, bringing home a baby may be my ultimate wish for the holidays, but in terms of my equestrian wishlist, here's what I'm pining for this year.

I'd be happy to find these "Walk, Trot, Canter" soaps in my stocking and may well gift them to a few friends, too.

I'm a huge fun of the Oughton Limited accessories line and am also a major belt fanatic, so Oughton's Gate Belt is definitely on my list.

Actually, one can never have too many leather goods. The new equestrian-inspired sandal collection from Katharine Page is my current obsession. These are major wish-list material! How about the Palm Beach sandal and a ticket to WEF?

Of course, gifts for our horses are always fun and Fitch has informed me that he'd be quite pleased with either the D'yon Snake Inlay Bridle (who knew he had such a wild side?) or the Hermes Rocobar blanket in Prussian Blue (keep dreaming, Fitch). 

Of course I think every holiday wish list should include the O'Shaughnessey + Dappled Grey "Flynn" jacket in the striking Persimmon color. It's a knockout, head-turning piece that's perfect for the stable and beyond!

Sending warm wishes to all for a happy holiday filled with family, good food, friends, and, of course, horses!

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