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Tradition updated for our modern world.

O’Shaughnessey was created with a singular vision in mind: to create a luxury line of show apparel for competitive equestrians who want standout style while maintaining tradition in the show ring. Invoking a stylish and modern twist on tradition, we use superior fabrics with impeccable fit and function; keep the colors and styles classic and feminine, all while maintaining the highest level of workmanship.  Taking inspiration from history and the rich tradition of riding, we seek to create the best riding experience possible – from the bond with the horse, your experience in the clothes during competitions, to how you feel afterwards.

We know why you ride.

We ride because the bond between our horses and ourselves is fundamental to our lives. We know this bond makes us tenacious – to face down that obstacle with dogged determination, confident in our ability to persevere (yes, with grace) and all the while feeling compassionate and kind. 

Craftsmanship.  Heritage.  Pride.  

We handpick the highest quality Italian cottons and European lightweight wools for stretch, weight, texture and how it feels on the skin, and pair them with vivid linings and details, to create fine show coats and show shirts. We designed our show shirts and coats for a slimmer fit and wearability, especially to perform for movement, flexibility and style when the pressure is on.  Our products are handcrafted with the utmost attention to style, construction and fit, for an impeccable finish and lasting construction.  Our unmatched quality helps you look and feel your best, both on your horse and off.  

The O’Shaughnessey crest

The crest consists of two horses, partially encircled by a garland with a crown above. The garlands are representative of the wreaths given to tournament competitors, and the crown is of the style a queen would wear. The accompanying wordmark is done in Scotch Roman, a font designed in 1839 and popular during the 19th century in America and England. The O’Shaughnessey crest is the older parentage of the modern O’Shaughnessey logo and company.

“I’ve always loved horses...when I’m at the barn with my horse I’m the most relaxed, it’s like therapy for me, the smell of the leather, the tack, the saddles, it’s this common thread with riders - we love our horses – and that’s what keeps us coming back.”

- Sara Griot